Monday, December 19, 2011

A better place to live!

Had recently watched a video on youtube which I felt that its a very meaningful video and wanted to share it here for all of u... Pls enjoy...

Do u feel that this video is heart touching? Have u ever think of the kindness and good thing u did will turns around?

I believe this will happen and will last long if everyone do the same thing as we saw in the video. I know, some of u might saying that is just a video and it's so FAKE!!! but let me mind u, if everyone is doing this then it will be applicable in our living environment!

We are able to do this as long as we have a kind heart and we don't care about the races and help whoever that u r capable and I believe things in the video will happen in our life!
As a buddhist, we believe in karma and i believe no matter what race,religion or sex r u! as long as u do good then u will be treated well too!
So let's share this out, so that ur frens and everyone will follow and apply this in their life!!!

Because KINDNESS keep the world afloat, so lets make our world a better place for living!!!


Happy walker said...

i also shared that~ how great if the world is like that~

Loryau said...

yeah! That's true!


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