Thursday, December 15, 2011

Room in Menara Alpha Condo at Wangsa Maju for Rent

Are u Looking for a new place to stay?
Is ur current room is too small? or fighting for toilet?
R u coming for the January intake in TARC? or KTAR?
Wanted to have friendly housemate?
Longing for a house that provides u with refrigerator? Washing machine? Fan? Stove?
Looking for a place that is convenient enough which has lots of food stalls around? CC?

For your information, here is a master room for rent at Menara Alpha condo! It will be available on January of 2012, if u r lucky enough u could stay here once the old tenant moved out!
The rental for the room is Rm500 exclude other fees and deposits is required. The fees for Electricity and water per person will not exceed RM50.
Non-smokers is welcome! TY!

Please call 0139433813 for Mr NG or call 0136182118 for Mr Choy.
p/s please take a look on the ads that is posted in this blog please! TY!

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