Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome back to Blogging!

After some time, I had finally came back blogging! How r all the folks out there? Has life been great for you?

For me? I had passed the end of 2010 with great ending! That was because I had gone study in Sheffield, UK for 3 months! How great were that! Besides that, I did manage to grab the chance to make my 1st Europe trip. That is a great moment, I've enjoyed every moment there and would like to thanks my parents for giving me the chance to study in UK and also the chance to visit Europe which they still haven't have any chance for that! I swear I will repay them with the chance of going around the world!!! Anyhow, I did lend money for my ex to go study together with me and we had got together when we were in UK but things never last, the same problem existed again when we came back from UK and now we were separated.

In the year of 2011, I had started to get myself a new job and lastly I had joined Fstep which is sponsor by Maybank. I'm now serving the internship for 6 months until the end of February. I had get my new gf by participating FSTEP.. haha.. LOL... Anyhow, Working life is not great at all. I hate working! Some of u out there might think that I'm lazy i guess. Haha.. Well, actually not that i hate working just that i don't like the job that I'm doing right now. I wanted to join Equity Research Analyst but end up going into CF. The job scope is really not my cup of tea.

As a result of so, the thought of doing business, start up business is always running over my mind. How to be financially free is always a great question to me.. Wish me luck to get that answer asap k? Thanks for reading! May we able to learn from each other!

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