Friday, December 9, 2011

Working in Investment Bank

Have u ever thought of working in the bank? or more glamorously Investment bank???

Well, I'm so glad that I had joined the Investment bank and able to join 1 of the most glamorous department which is Corporate Finance. Ermm.. sounds good right? LoL.. I can only tell u "U see me good, I see u good lo".. I guess this must be a human behavior where we will not be satisfy with anything.

Ok, let me tell u what is the good point of working in CF.

1st good salary ~ as u know bank pays higher compare to other industries save for audit.

2nd good prospect~ I'm not sure whether how long does other industry takes to get promoted but for my department, I did saw some assistant manager who had worked for only 2 years. I do also happened to know that 1 of the senior manager had worked for 8 years since she joined where she is a fresh grad at that point of time. 10 years + to be director. This is a very high turnover industry.

3rd Lots of things to learn! Yeah! In this department, U will be a lawyer, editor, auditor, project manager, negotiator... Ermm.. Everything except toilet cleaner and rubbish collector.

4th Sit for whole day! Yeah! you wouldn't need to stand up for whole day like the promoters in the super market! As a reward for this, you will be having a big ass!!! those people who is not happy with their body shape, U r WELCOME!

5th avoid traffic jam. This is interesting, working long hours is a norm or shall i call it a tradition? As a result, u will have to go home late which u wouldn't have to stuck in the traffic.. That's great isn't it?

6th Chasing timeline. The timeline here is not 1 or 2 months, but 1 or 2 days where u have tonnes of document to complete and submit to bursa or Sc.

7th Improve the proficiency of your English. This wouldn't be an advantage for u if u have good English, but this definitely works for me since my English is poor enough.

8th Thanks god! U had finally lose your freedom!!! Congratulations!

9th Bonuses! After all the hardwork u had, may u get great fat bonuses as u wish!!! May god bless me!!!

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