Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Safety measures when u & ur car felt into the water

Its raining season again!
Recently, we had saw lots of flood and flash flood issues around us. Especially the one that happens in Kajang and I heard that Johor will have big possibility of getting flood.

As a result, I would like to share u some safety measure when u & ur car are fell in to the water.
Pls look at the picture below and i will translate for those who don't know how to read mandarin. Cheers!

When ur car fell into the water, PLEASE BE CALM!!!

It usually will take few minutes for ur car to sink, thats mean ur car will float for few minutes before it started to sink.

Try to be calm and pacnic is not require. Remember calm is the most crucial tool to keep u alive!!!

Unbuckle ur seat belt. If u couldnt unbuckle it, thats mean u r not calm eenough! U may get something sharp to cut the seat belt. ( u don't need a parang, a small pen knife will helps so please keep 1 in ur car, just incase!)

Always keep a small hatter or a solid steering lock.

1. U may try to gently or slowly open the window so that the water will started to pour in slowly (not too fast to avoid the water rushes into ur car) and get out from ur car quickly. Try to break the window that is not covered by the water, instead of the nearest window.

2. If ur power window is not functioning, need not to be pacnic! U may use something hard such as the steering lock (not ur fist or head) to break the window. For ladies, u might be able to utilise ur high heels other than helping u to project a better body figure!

3. If u r unable those method above are not applicable, u may try to push the front or the glass behind. U might able to push it, but personally i think its better for u to break the window rather than push it.

4. If u couldn't break any of the glasses, then u may try to open the door. But due to the pressure outside the car is too large, hence its very very hard for u to open it!

5. If u couldn't break any of those glasses or open the door like what i mentioned above, U may sit there n wait long long for ur time to come... Haha.. No la.. U have to sit calm n wait the water level rise until ur neck level, then take a deep breath n open the door. Usually we couldn't open the door when ur car fell into the water, but when the water level is about to go until ur face, the water pressure in the car and out side the car is the same. That's y u will have to wait until the water to rise until the neck level.

Pls don't break the rules or drive fast! May u be SAFE always!


Eudora Priscilla said...

Thanks for sharing! this is very useful and informative

Loryau said...

Thanks for replying.. I'm just trying to help, may our living environment be better..


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