Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Wegman: update on 3rd Q result.

Wegman announced their 2018 3Q result today where we can see their Revenue and PAT hit new high. 

As we mentioned before, the weakening Ringgit will be a boon for Wegman in coming quarter and this is shown in the quarter report today. 

So will this be the best result in 2018? BCF beg to be differs, assuming all things remain the same and the only variable will be the Ringgit then we will see the coming quarter to be different. Why?

If we were to see RM's performance, the "highest" USD vs RM is 4.1525. 

As we can see today (13/11/2018), we can see that RM is now trading at 4.1912. Assuming RM going to stay around this area for November and December (October is around 4.1845), then definitely Wegman going to perform better than this quarter. 

Last but not least, Wegman had submitted their warrant application last week to Bursa Malaysia. Could this be the Christmas present for the shareholders? 

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