Friday, December 16, 2011

Make some money on9 so that it wouldn't be a WASTE of TIME!!! (PART 2)

Other than playing on9 games or writing blogs, there r also lots of different ways that you could make money without spending lots of times!

3rd) There is a website which is much more easier and it will just take about 2 minutes of your precious time in a day or few minutes in a week in order to earn $$. For me, I had made SGD 5 in 2 months time. I know it could be slow, but i just need to get 6SGD more in order to get the money send to me! So why not trying? Don't underestimate this system! According to my friends, this system had worked for 4 years(since he knew it) and he had get 500 SGD for the past 4 years!

Yes, u might be correct that this is slow but why don't u think that this is a free money up for grab? LoL.. What u need to do is just join this site call "Email cash pro". Sign up an account, and they will start to email u. What u need to do is just clicking on the "Paid link" in the email that they sent to u and just that all! Besides that, u can make SGD5 by able to refer 20 new members to them! It's easy n it doesn't waste lots of time and the best part is you don't need to spend a cent for it!!!

4th) Another site that enable u to earn money in RM is the "Churp Churp"! This is a simple program which will pays u good money for referring any1 to join them! What You need to do is click on this Churp Churp's and u just join them via login through ur facebook account!!! Believe me not, I had able to made RM30 by 3 days! It's a good money isn't it? So let's join me by clicing on this link!

Other than referring to ur frens, u could also earn income when ur friends click on the ads that u advertised on anywhere! They will pay RM0.20 to rm0.40 per click! It's easy! so y not just try it? Let's join me by clicking this Churp Churp! Be hurry!

I will share with u my another experience of earning as well! Stay tuned! Huat AH!!!


Happy walker said...

haha.. u might try the Neobux ptc which is legit on my blog for referral but it is slow la.. >.<

hi senior !! i am ur junior.. haiz, still don't know worth or not go the UK ler as a Tarc student where my academic so suck.. sigh.. sad..

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Loryau said...

Haha.. u r a tarcian as well? So what course r u in?

Haha.. thanks for introducing me.. what is that neobux actually?

Loryau said...

hey dude, have u really made that much from neoubux?

Happy walker said...

Loryau >>> yeah, it was true that i really made that much using neobux, but i already join jor almost 3 years + ler.. not many lor.. neobux is liek ptc website, last time they give 0.01, now they give lower jor.. not very worth clicking but it is 1000% real paid out using paypal de.. really!!

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