Thursday, May 31, 2018

The KING of CRONIES: The long forgotten Anak Angkat

After the ex-boss party won, a lot of counters related to ex-boss cronies were played up. 
However, BCF saw that there is a crony that have been long forgotten and people call him the 
“Anak Angkat”!

Are u all aware where is Ex-boss 1st meeting after he won the election? 

So why does Tun M go meeting at this Al-Bukhary Foundation to meeting instead of other places? And are you aware who is the owner of this Al-Bukhary Foundation?

Are U aware that the full name of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar is actually Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary?

According to the website of Al-Bukhary this foundation were set up due to

Inspiring isn’t it? Made RM1.5k in 1974 and now he is 1 top the richest in Malaysia. Massive respect to Tan Sri!  

Now U know who is the Anak Angkat already right? Yes, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar is the special one. If he is not the “special one” then how could he be the “chosen one” to buy over Tun Dr Mahathir’s brain child PROTON?

So what companies does Anak Angkat has?

According to this website, we can see all the companies own by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar, we can see that the companies which are listed are as below

Amtek (PN17)

MMC RM1.47
Came back down after moved to as high as RM1.76 on 15/5/2018, affected by the cancellation of HSR and MRT3.

BinarPuri RM0.27
Came back down after moved to as high as RM0.385 on 17/5/2018

DRBHCom RM1.76
This share started to come down from RM2 after the market speculate that they will have to buy back Proton stake from Geely, however, the share price rocket up again after Tun said that he will not interfere on Proton issue.
We should monitor closely whether when will Proton launch Boyue as this might be the game changer for Proton.

POS RM3.70
Share price moved up yesterday

Gas Malaysia RM2.80
Shot up to RM2.98 on 30/5/2018

Malakoff RM0.855
Came down to RM0.855 on 31/5/2018 due to cancellation of MRT3 and also HSR.

Zelan RM0.095
The cheapest counter among Tan Sri listed shares. A construction counter that has yet to move much. It is traded at RM0.095 at the time Big Canon is writing this article. Big Canon believe this could be a trading counter as it is the cheapest stock among Tan Sri and we believe retailers love penny counters. LOL..

However, we would have to reiterate that this counter don’t have solid fundamental and its only meant for trading. Unless there are major change in fundamental or else, its strictly for trading only.

These counters had been out of the limelight in DS Najib time, and will these counters come back into limelight after Tun made a comeback?

We have no idea about that, however, we believe Tan Sri’s counter should be in the watch list for the next 2 to 3 years until Malaysia have the 8th Prime Minister.

May all the HUAT be with us!

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