Sunday, May 20, 2018

BIG CANON Finance is back!

A big thank you to our followers and hope you are doing great and Huat always.

To recap, we started our blog in 2011 and it has been 6 years plus. There are ups and down and even stop blogging for quite some time due to conflict of interest as we were working for an investment education platform.

You can check our blog at this site:
We started to write and share our analysis again early this year after we done serving our clause.
Recently, the unexpected change of government had created a very special scenario which we never had in the past 60 years. This had also created an opportunity to do trading on those political stocks. However, we believe this is just an opportunity that wouldn’t last for too long.

However, the change of government not only giving an opportunity but it had also given us the chance to be in spotlight again! Why? Because our Like on FB had finally reached 3900 and the best part is an increase of 1144 new Likes within a week.

Other than this, our post had also reached a peak of 51k and some with 46.7k and all this were done without paying FB a single cent. (Sounds like a cheapskate). However, we are a bit sad as these readers didn’t Like our page, we hope you could kindly share our post and ask more people to Like our page and join our telegram for latest info by clicking the link below:

To all the old followers, thanks for being with us throughout the years although we giving out a lot of Tix to Holland XD.

To all the new followers, Thanks a lot for your kind support! This meant a lot to us and we promise we will do better by providing you the most accurate information and our investment thoughts! However, please do also filter yourself either, because Big Canon might be wrong most of the time. In order to reduce the numbers of Holland trip.

So what’s Big Canon Finance STRENGTH?

After 18 fine years (1st 3 years only study financial news and started to buy stock in form 5 and Thanks GOD! BCF is still alive!) in the market with ups and down, we are now equipped with the skill below:
1st BCF know a little bit of Technical analysis but BCF is not a guru in this, however, this is a very good way for retailers to roll their money bigger in a short period.

2nd BCF know a little of Fundamental analysis but BCF is also not a guru in this, and this helps doing long term investing.

3rd Business sense investing.
BCF read a lot in the past and add up with some economic knowledge hence he also know a bit of business as the root of it is supply and demand.

4th Theme analysis trading.
BCF also know a little bit of this and BCF believe this had created a great chance for traders to do trading.

5th Economics matter. Investment is a very tricky thing where economy is something you shouldn’t omit.

6th Global event which will affect the sentiment.

7th Corporate exercise. BCF also know a bit of this and he love this the most! He had a lot of success stories in this field which U can check their track record.

In conclusion, BCF is more to a Fusion analysis guy whom is able to trade or invest flexibly. It sounds easy, however the workload to carry out is humongous. As a result, it will take a lot of time for us to do researches and to write it down either. Hence, sometimes we might be a little late on posting some stories.

This is because we need to make sure everything being written is true and is fact as this really matter in investment world, we don’t tolerate with errors. On the other hand, we will post the link and sources for readers to make verifications to make sure everything is accurate.

Can BCF post their thoughts every day?
The reason BCF started investment idea blog is because his ambition of becoming a research analyst was turned down by reality. As a result, BCF is doing this on part time basis. As BCF still have to serve his current job and pay for bills, hence, it’s a bit hard for him to write all the time and post every day. However, BCF will try his best to squeeze some time to write about our thoughts.

Will BCF start a paid group or start teaching?
There are some readers that proposed this idea to us, however, we are still in serious consideration. We believe this is not an easy job as we need to be responsible to our readers and need to be fair. We wouldn’t say yes or no at the meantime, but we do hope our sharing will be able to benefit you and your friends.

We don’t ask for any monetary return but we do have 2 requests from you all which is helping BCF to share my post on your wall and forward it to your friends as well as joining our telegram! This will be the best way to motivate BCF to write more! We hope to help more people especially retailers to thrive in this market!

The 2nd request would be, if you manage to make money from our sharing, you can also do donation to those needy like old folks home, orphanage, and those whom fall sick too! We believe if you do good thing, then the good Karma will come back to u! Let’s create a better environment to live! But do also remember, BCF is a HOLLAND Kaki ya!

OK, BCF believe its too lengthy for a weekend reading and its best for us to stop here.



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