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Analyst Briefing Coverage for Ewein (7249)

As we know, Analyst briefing is something very exclusive and it is only for analyst and fund managers which normal retailers will have not have such priority of getting to such event. As a blogger, we believe we will benefit most of our readers out there by sharing the the details that we get from the briefing. However, please bear in mind that we are not giving any buy or sell call recommendation or even investment idea for the stock that we share in this piece of analyst briefing update but merely sharing information that we got from the management. 

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Banking on the dream of Penang.

1st we would like you to watch this video. 


This is the itinerary for the day 

According to some of my friends, this is the very 1st time Ewein doing Analyst briefing and there are around 55 attendees in the room which consist of fund managers and famous analysts. As this is the 1st time the company meeting investors, fund managers and also analyst, soon enough we will see analyst come out with their initial coverage on the company where the soonest will be tomorrow. 

From the presentation of Mr. Leon Lee, Ewein Zenith Sdn Bhd Sales & Marketing Vice President. 

I feel that he is a very good sales man that show every best thing of the City of Dream where he made us understand that : 

1. This project is a high end luxury project, how luxury it is? it will have Versace Sofa and designers design's for the ground floor, private lift, providing Rolls Royce Limousine Services, VIP car park services. They wanted to create a living place that is equivalent with 5 to 6 Stars hotel. 

2. The management make this as a landmark that represent Penang just like Marina Sand for Singapore. 

3. This building provide urban farm and will set to be in the Malaysia Book of Record. 

4. The Developer will be giving out lucky draw of luxury car such as Ferari (if I'm not wrong) for the successful buyer after the launching. 

5. The company had get all the banks for their end financing, other than those banks in Malaysia, I saw that they did also obtain from China's bank which I believe they might try to approach buyer from china. 

6. To convince the buyer that Penang is a good place to invest, Mr. Leon do also share with us the trend and example of Hong Kong and Singapore's history and hows the price move up due to similarities of these 3 places. 

7. 67% of Penang's available land is already occupied, the left over are those protected forest and Balik Pulau. 

8. The next big thing in Penang is Gurney Drive, this is because 3 of the express ways will ends at Gurney Drive hence it is a very strategic place to invest.  

9. Singapore had invested in 2 malls in Penang, 1 is Gurney Plaza and the government is now investing more by collaborating the state government to set up Penang Technology Park. 

10. He compare the prices of property in HK, SG and Penang and believe Penang is still a good buy. After listening to his speech, I have an urge to buy property in Penang but too bad, I can't even afford 1 in K.L.

The 2nd person to present is Mr. Arnold Loh, Ewein Zenith Sdn Bhd Business Development Vice President.

1. Mr. Arnold speak very good English.

2. He present to us the Wellness Mall and Wellness City of Dream. Just like the theme of the mall, he said that fast food and unhealthy food are not allowed in this mall where there are only organic food, gym, wellness center and all sorts of healthy thing. 

3. The wellness mall is specialize in Wellness facilities serviced apartment where it will be the tip top for its hospitality and wellness. 

4. The serviced apartment will tap on the Medical Tourism where the patience won't have to stay in hospital but can move in to the apartment after their medical treatment. They might even provide 5 stars ambulance for that. 

5. This Wellness mall is supported by the government and it is an EPP champion under our government Economic Transformation Program. If I'm not mistaken, the company will get some incentives for being so. 

The 3rd person presenting is Mr. Allan Chee, Ewein Bhd Legal Counsel amd Company Secretary.

Ewein is everywhere!

Ewein will still keep their old business. 

Dato' Seri Ewe with Canon! 

Building road is also their expertise. 

The Game changer for EWEIN

This will provide GDV of RM800 mil for the 1st phase and profit of RM200m for the next 4 years. 

The building there is usually leasehold but City of Dream is Freehold which increase its attractiveness.  

The total GDV of the whole project is RM14b including the 1st phase which have GDV of RM800m

According to Dato' Seri Ewe, 
1. Since Ewein got the APDL Advertising Permit and Developer License on 10th July from Jabatan Perumahan Negara, they have received 1203 applications (if not mistaken, some have paid deposit) to purchase that 572 units available and they are in the midst of doing final qualifying check up stage. This is the final stage where they will sort out whether the buyer is afford to buy and are they able to get bank loan. 

2. The company had get the sufficient back up from local bank for the construction. 

3. They will still keep their current business as the current business is still healthy and stable. Manufacturing side is still maintaining their order book and they have recurring income from the rental income from Menara IJM Land where the income will increase 5% every 3 years and the occupancy rate for now is 98% which is guaranteed by IJM. 

4. They might spin off part of the land if there is a good deal which is able to create synergy. 

5. They have started construction for road & Drainage which enable them to start progressive billing, which will have contribution from the 2nd half of 2015. (Hint: We believe there are some numbers to show and pump into the 30th Sept Quarter report) 

This is quite a long briefing that we had attended where it starts by 10.30 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m.

The End

We believe our readers will found this post quite boring, however, we believe it will be good for investors who are looking at this counters and we are able to provide more insight to our readers as this info are not available to the retailers. 

Last but not least, we would like to remind our readers again. This is just a post and coverage of the company which enable our readers to have some insight to the info that is being shared in the analyst briefing. We don't give buy or sell call recommendation and this is not our investment idea but merely our coverage on the analyst briefing. 

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