Monday, April 6, 2015

Sarawak concept stocks had get its engine started!

Sarawak Election stocks (Part 7)  

After  our post last night, Sarawak conceprt stock continue to moved where we saw CMSB gone up by RM0.10 today and hit its historical high! This is a break out!


This is the all time high of the stock!



On the other hand, HSL has also got a break out from its recent high today however the volume has yet to follow, but as what I noticed, the buyers keep eating after 4pm and it seems like just taking whatever ticket that is queue below 187. Will that be a sign of something brewing?


Anyhow, the chart shows its a break out from recent high of RM1.83, however there are still a downtrend resistant line at RM1.90 the chart will be even prettier if it is able to break the RM1.90 resistant.

This will be a very good stock to monitor very very closely as the price movement has already indicated something. Is it related to the Sarawak Candies? or it is related to the Pan Borneo Highway Project? Well.. we will see it very very soon.. Cheers!

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