Friday, January 10, 2014

Portfolio 2014 Part 2

As for my initial portfolio, I've invested heavily in CLIQ while left some others in SONA.

Initial Portfolio (2 January 2014)
SHARE        Cost                   Units                             Market Value

CLIQ           RM0.675           150,000 units               RM101,250

CLIQ-WA    RM0.375           140,000 units               RM52,250

SONA          RM0.445          100,000 units                RM44,500

As for today, I would like to do some switching. I will sell all my current holdings in SONA at RM0.445 even I'm not making any money from it. I would like to buy more CLIQ-WA at the price of RM0.385.

As a result, I will get back RM44,500 and will use all of the sales proceed to "HENTAM" CLIQ-WA.

RM44,500 divide by RM0.38 will gives me a total of 115,584 units of CLIQ-WA.

As a result, I will take it as 115,000 units of CLIQ-WA where the remaining cash will be the cost of these transactions.

As for now, my portfolio position on 10 January 2014 will be

Portfolio (10 January 2014)
SHARE        Cost                   Units                            Total Cost        

CLIQ           RM0.675           150,000 units               RM101,250

CLIQ-WA    RM0.37951           255,000 units           RM96,775

Good Luck to me man!
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

good luck to you man... but the performance of SONA quite good, can keep for a while.

I'm more focus on ECOFIRST and Tambun. Take care... :-)

Loryau said...

So sad.. Sold Sona and it jumps! I like Ecofirst too! As well as GOB!

Unknown said...

Never mind, there still got chance for you to search other potential counter, no need so sad. hehe

Nowaday, all counter need to keep it more 4 week, only can jumps.

GOB, after 7 Jan 2014 it show uptrend alr. Thanks for sharing :-)


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