Friday, June 7, 2013

JAPAN From ABENOMICS to ABEGEDDON and what's next?

In the previous post, I've said that the Nikkei is going to have a massive correction. Those who haven't view it, you can find it here.

71.43% that the Japanese Nikkei gonna have massive correction!

 As for your info, some of my friends claim that I've posted it much more earlier as the Nikkei had drop about 14% when I posted it, but it wasn't too late as the Nikkei had continue to drop for another 1778 points from 14326 pts til the lowest by this morning which is 12548 pts. So that call was not too bad isn't it?

This was still right and holds until 1200pm 7th June 2013.
Why do I said so?

As at 12pm just now, I had saw a very interesting breaking news from and this is what I saw in that post.

Soros shorting yen, buying Japan stocks: report

This is interesting and below is the article from the website. 

HONG KONG (MarketWatch) -- A hedge fund run by billionaire investor George Soros was back placing bets in Japan, shorting the yen and snapping up local stocks, according to a Dow Jones Newswires report Friday, citing a source close to the matter. Soros returned to the market following some signs of stability in the Japanese bond market, the source was cited as saying in the report. The person said that while the sharp recent fall in Japanese equities was a "surprise," the current level of stocks was "very attractive" as economic data and earnings were expected to pick up, Dow Jones reported. The Nikkei Stock Average JP:NIK -0.16% fell 2.1% in Friday's afternoon trading, and had entered a so-called bear market after dropping more than 20% from its 52-week peak reached on May 23. The U.S. dollar USDJPY -0.44% , meanwhile, was trading at ¥96.34, also sharply down from its May highs above ¥103.

 Ain't this interesting?

As I was thinking that the market gonna crash, this Soros had came in and told me not to worry and stay calm. Why? Because, he will save the market ! LOL!

Haha.. FYI, I'm "worship" Soros even he used to get blame as the culprit for causing the financial crisis in 1998. Talking about this, if a person can really causes such a crisis that's mean he is freaking smart isn't it? Other than that, some newspaper did also mentioned that he made billions for short selling the yen recently and also short selling the pounds years ago. How can he do that if he is not smart? Maybe Jim Rogers will have his own explanation to his old partner. 

Ok, enough of crap. I've changed my view that Japan is going to have a sharp rebound soon instead crashing more. WHY? As I said, SOROS IS SMART! He won't do anything stupid and he must have saw something that we didn't! On the other hand, I think I'm not the one who only "worship" SOROS, and there are lots more syndicate or investors that deem SOROS as the smart money and will follow what SOROS did.

As a result, the movement of SOROS is a call of confidence towards ABENOMICS at least for now. The spill over effect of his act will also well buoy the NIKKEI!  

This is because SOROS is a call of confident! and Confident breeds Confidences!

The best indication is that the NIKKEI had came back from its lowest point of 12548pts and close at 12877.53pts by dropping 0.2% or 26 pts for today. It had even touches the highest point of 13106pts at 130pm. 

 I was thinking that, our Malaysia market ain't going to do well if U.S. and Japan is not doing well, but once Japan's situation had changed and the data from U.S tonight is not good which signals no slow down of QE, then our market gonna be good again. Happy trading and HUAT AH!

 p/s: Soros is one of the most successful investor that I love a lot.



Anonymous said...

71.43% - by any definition, this is market crash lor!

Loryau said...

sorry mates, i dont get what u mean..

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