Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sarawak Election Stocks (Part 2)

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Looking at the transaction volume from CMSB yesterday and today, I saw that lots of big tickets selling as well as big tickets eating. What does this mean? Can the price go up if there are big tickets selling? How come the price still goes up?

 Trade report for CMSB on 10/03/2015

Look at those Volume being highlighted, those volume are big volumes which hard to be created my retailers.
For an example the transaction at 3.22pm which is 996, we make it as a round figure of 1000. What’s the transaction amount for 1000 lots at RM4.44?
1000 * 100 *4.44 = RM444,000

For those readers out there, for you maybe it's a small amount but for me it’s quite big! Look at the trade at 330 p.m., its 3645 which worth RM1,622,025. If it’s not from the institutional fund then it must be from some tycoon already. Why do those tycoon or funds buying?  You may guess yourself.

Last but not least, I was wondering how much premix will be use to build a highway of 936KM? What do you think? When will the Pan-Borneo project announce? March? April? Heard that there are some earthwork had already started. Which company moving next? HSL? NAIM?

On the other hand, the premium for the call warrants are getting slimmer and soon you will see risk players will started to kicks in. 

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