Monday, January 5, 2015

Housing Price really won’t drop? Seriously? The real challenge is here now! (Part 1)

Everyone is just so bullish about the property market and believing that the price will not drop and will only trend higher and higher. No doubt, if u view it in 20 years period (long term), the price of property will only moved up, but what if in 10 years time or even shorter ??? 

We will see whether house price will go down or not in this part and on the next part I will share you Why the real challenge is here now. 

House price really won’t drop?

In this 11 years chart, u can see that there are ups and downs, no doubt that in 11 years time it rises but what if u go in to the market on 2007? So compare to 2007, u r still making losses at the year of 2009. I understand that most of the people that argue house is for long term and no doubt it is, but 1 thing, how many of the flippers are thinking about long term? How many of the owner can go through the financial crisis by keeping their job? And how about the interest rising cycle? 

Look at the chart above, will there be no dropping price?

On the other hand, people will say land is in scarcity and that's why price will only goes up. Sorry mates, it's the inflation and speculation (themes like GST or lack of land) that pushes the house price up. If u say price will only goes up due to land scarcity then y do price of property in Singapore came down? 

Singapore is a small island that has really limited land, but how come price came down ah?
Hong Kong is also a small island, and the sales has started to declined just like what happened to Singapore before the drop. 


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